Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just thinking

I'm really struggling with this whole cancer thing. One of my best friends dad just passed away of cancer. I can't even imagine losing my dad or either parent. As you know, a close friend of mine continues to fight her battle with breast cancer. While another friend fights the same battle. Nasty cancer that is trying to take over the body. And she is having trouble getting her chemo med. Another friend just had a bunch of pre-cancerous cells taken out of her colon. Really?!?!

Cancer is everywhere. It's hides in our shadows, it sneaks up behind us, and it threatens those we love and care about. It needs to stop. We need a cure. I'm so sad of hearing another person has been diagnosed or lost his/her battle. Is it the food we eat? Is it the water we drink? Is it the cleaner we wash with? What the H is it? I want to know.

Just because I'm done with treatments doesn't mean I'm done with cancer. The other day a nurse considered me to have "a history of breast cancer." It doesn't seem like history. But I guess I don't have it now. But I worry about it coming back. I don't use perfumes, dyes or chemicals when I have the choice. I read all about how to prevent cancer. I exercise 5-6 days a week to stay healthy. I try to lose weight to prevent cancer. My mind struggles to formulate sentences or remember at times because of treatments. Traumatic flashbacks occur when someone says something specific. Cracked skin poses a risk for lymphodema. The scars on my chest are a constant reminder. The tattoos will always be there from radiation. Cancer doesn't stop with treatments people.

I am thankful for my early diagnosis.

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