Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In memory of Tracy

My friend Tracy Harnly has gone to heaven. She has become an angel to look over all of us, especially those with cancer. Tracy fought her battle for almost 6 years. She lived like each day was truly her last. I miss my friend. I am happy she's not suffering any longer. I wish a cure would have been found. I guess I was naive in thinking she wouldn't pass away. I really thought she'd fight forever or there would be a cure found.

I remember being at the oncologist office with Tracy when the medicine Herceptin stopped working for her. She had been taking Herceptin for 4 years but the cancer broke through and started to spread. That day, she said to me, "Just so it doesn't go to my brain." She had said one of her friends had lived only a year after stopping Herceptin. I cried that day as I hugged her. She asked me, "why are you crying." I just said I don't know, because I'm scared for you...or something like that. I was such a mess the rest of the day. As I got treatments, a couple nurses checked on me when they saw me crying. They knew why I was crying. Those nurses got to see the bond Tracy and I had. They got to see the blonde's sitting there with needles in their chest, getting poison pumped into their veins, and laughing through it all. That's what the Tracy's did when they fought cancer together.

Today,everything reminds me of Tracy. A jeep, a certain song, when I'm challenged, when I'm called "the other Tracy." Rest in peace Tracy!



DP said...

Well said. She was an inspiration to many and will be missed by so many of us.

Marilyn said...

What a wonderful post regarding your dear friend, Tracy Harnly. After she passed I read and viewed pictures of her life on someone's fb page and so I went to her blogs. Wow. What an inspiration to always be thankful for something.......anything. Everytime I go back to any of it to reread something I tear up. I'm sure everyone and you especially will miss her. What a wonderful person she was. Marilyn, Nebraska

Anonymous said...

Love this!! <3
-The other Tracy's sister :)