Thursday, September 30, 2010

too long

Sorry that I haven't blogged since June! Wow, I didn't realize I was that big of a slacker. I had a follow up visit with Dr. Langdon on Monday and it was fine. We are fighting with the insurance company to pay for a MRI. People are worried about the government running their life..what about insurance companies? Anyway, no time for that soap box.

I've been feeling good. We raised over $8000 for relay and that was awesome! It was a terribly humid night. But as we know, cancer doesn't stop for weather and we won't stop fighting either!

I was trained today to be a speaker for Susan G. Komen. What an honor! They are such a great organization. I am also speaking at the DHHS breast cancer luncheon on 10-28-10. That will be exactly 2 years since my diagnosis. That is hard to believe.

Today for about one second I thought to myself that life is so stressful right now. We are trying to sell our house, I'm a wedding coordinator at our church and have taken on 2 weddings this weekend, it's Daryl's b-day tomorrow. But about a second of thinking of this as stressful, I thought, how lucky am I to have this stress. I'm alive and less than two years ago, cancer was my stress, none of this other stuff mattered (except Daryl's birthday of course!) But I'm lucky to have these things in my life and have them to worry about. And not worry about cancer.

I usually worry about my friend Tracy. I even dream about that girl! In my dreams, she doesn't have cancer though. I wish that dream would come true.

I am thankful that I have stress in my life that I have control over. I am also thankful for my wonderful doctors.

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T-Racy! said...

I am thankful for you! Sorry I missed you today! I forgot my phone at home. Errrr. I didn't get chemo today, so I was out of there early.
2 years! What a blessing! Love you! Hope you had a very happy birthday too!!! The ACS is making a world with more birthdays!!! See you at the walk on Sunday! Let me guess, you will be in pink!? XO!!!