Saturday, October 3, 2009

Special Friends

Today I went to a Breast Cancer Survivor Special Friends celebration. It was in Omaha (well Council Bluffs) at Harrah's Casino. Survivor's got pink cowboy hats and they gave away prizes. Sylvia McNair was the entertainment. She's won 2 Grammy's and now an Emmy. Check her out on line. She's a survivor and a beautiful singer. It was a really great event. At the end, our doctor's handed us a pink rose. My oncologist was there and he gave me mine. It was a very inspiring event. There were a handful of ladies who have been survivor's for more than 30 years. MORE THAN 30 YEARS!!!!!!!! Wow! Image what they went through 30 years ago. 1979. I was 5 years old. They are strong. Even the ladies that have been survivor's for 20 years, heck 10 years. It is so nice to know that progress has been made in the search for a cure. Treatment shouldn't hurt so much.

Along with the thought of treatment, something else has stuck in my mind since my rehab the other day. Some women have been told some very, very ugly things prior to, during, or after diagnosis by their doctor. Treatment hurts, the doctor's shouldn't. It breaks my heart to hear stories in which oncologists or therapists have treated cancer patients as if they are over reacting or aren't "really that bad." Even worse, to make them think they are lucky because someone else has it worse off. WHO CARES!!! Any person who has heard those nasty words "you have cancer" deserves the best care and treatment. And that includes bed side manner. Weren't most of us taught as children to be nice to others, to treat others as you want to be treated, if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all? Geez, just because you have a couple letters behind your name doesn't give you the right to toss people's feelings around like they don't matter. Those letters behind your name should be thought of as a gift. You are the person chosen to help others. Chosen because of your passion, desire, and knowledge. Get it right.

Ok, now that I have that out of my system, I'd like to give more acknowledgement to those doctors who have wonderful bed side manner. My oncologist is so kind. He has patience and he listens. He cares about what happens to me. He praised me when I finished chemo, acknowledging that it was a difficult regimen. When I've burst into tears in his office, he's handed me a tissue and sat patiently. He didn't push meds on me but instead, gave me a prescription PLUS a social network to help in that direction. My surgical oncologist is the same. I am so blessed to have such wonderful doctor's on my side. That helps makes treatment bearable. That makes me feel ok to be pissed about losing my hair. That help me fight cancer.

I am thankful for my doctor's and nurses. They warm my heart and ease my pain.

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