Sunday, September 27, 2009

And I did it

I finished the 10K race in Omaha this morning!!! Tracy and I finished at the same time. Daryl was right on our heels. We actually jogged most of it. I walked when my body told me to. Gosh, it sure did feel good to cross that finish line. Now, what next? :) My goal will be to do the Lincoln 1/2 marathon next May. Nothing is impossible. can do whatever you put your mind to!!!! Just start out taking baby steps if you need to and you'll get there. I am proof of that! This was Daryl's first race and he did wonderful, he's proof! And Tracy is proof. She's taking chemo meds right now and just ran over 6 miles! I was eating her dust for awhile and almost the whole time I was watching her to make sure she was ok. Once I caught up with her or she slowed down for me (probably a little of both) we finished hand in hand. I can't wait to see the pics. I'll put one on here when I get them.

So now, I'm eating a free burrito from Qdoba. We got a coupon for a free entree from the race. The salsa I put on is TOO HOT!!! But I don't like chunky salsa so I just picked the one that was the least chunky and apparently it's the hottest! But anyway, I'm just trying to stay up for another 4.5 hours. I want to watch the premiere's of two of my shows tonight. And I've been up since 4:30am. We'll see if I make it....thank goodness for DVR!

I am thankful for a beautiful morning to run a race that meant more than any other that I've done!

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