Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gonna do it!

Tomorrow morning, at 7am, I am going to walk/jog the Omaha 10K. I was going to jog it, I was training and that's when I ended up in the hospital. But, I decided that instead of all or nothing thinking, I would just do what I can. And that will be to go across that finish line, finish what I started out to do!!!

My health is better. The Potassium is stable, or at least it feels that way! I'll have some jaw breakers with me to eat for sugar during the race. But over all, I'm feeling good! I'm doing Yoga and strength training once a week. I go to rehab once a week. So far it's going well. I knew after the first night it was gonna be emotional. There were a lot of feelings that I had pushed away. Now, I'm ready to deal with them. One is anger. I know I expressed anger in my blog, but I'm still angry. Not as much any more of course. But I've learned to focus on the positive, which is good, but it's also good to recognize and deal with feelings.

Exercise is good for dealing with feelings and so is ice cream. So either one I chose, I know that I need to do it in moderation! :) But honestly, I am happy because I celebrated my One Year Wedding Anniversary with Daryl last weekend. We had a wonderful time. We went to the Wine Festival in Omaha at the Riverfront. We stayed at the Embassy Suites, had a great breakfast. We then went and saw Love Happens (which is very cute and good, don't read the reviews, it's not that predictable) and then had lunch. When we got home, we had some wedding cake that's been in the bottom of our freezer for a year and it was just as good as it was that day! And to top it all off, I still lost .6 pounds when I weighed in at Weight Watchers!!

Well, wish me luck tomorrow and I will let you all know how it goes!

I am thankful for surviving cancer.

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Cheryl said...

Good Luck, Trace! I'm pulling for you. I know you can do it--you've got great determination!