Monday, June 8, 2009

Just an update

I continue going through radiation treatment. It is localized to my right breast so I am not glowing :) It is going ok. I'm starting to get a little red, kind of like a sunburn. The area is tender. I'm also a little sleepy from it. Kind of like chemo, the more I get, the more side effects. I go everyday but it's in Lincoln so that helps. I also continue to get Herceptin. I will get a MUGA (heart test) the next time I go in 3 weeks to check on my heart. I feel good over all. I started working out again and have lost 2 pounds. I also continue to remind myself that I need rest just as much and radiation is only temporary so that I don't get discouraged.

I've been focusing a lot of my time on fundraising and The Relay for Life. I have an awesome team who has raised almost $7,000 so far. I am actually wearing my green t-shirt, green for money, because I've raised over $1000 myself and Daryl has one too because he's done the same. We have had so much support.

My hair is growing back, quickly, but not as quickly as I'd like it to. You can atleast see it from 30 feet away. I have a hair line. I'm so excited to get my hair back!!!

I am so thankful to have energy again. My clothes don't quite fit but I'm working on it.

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