Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jessica Simpson

My brother in law jokes and calls me Jessica Simpson sometimes. He does this because I do some really blonde things once in awhile. I know Daryl will concur. Well, one thing that I have done way too many times is burn soup. How do you do it? Simple, you open the can of soup, dump it in the pot, put the lid on the pot, turn the burner on high, walk away and forget about it. I did it again today. I guess it was a Jessica moment. I've been sick the last couple days with I think a mild case of food poisoning. Who knew that eggs weren't good after a couple months of keeping them in the fridge. Well, at least that's what we think it was. Daryl seems to think I'm my own 2nd victim. He got sick a few months ago and blamed it on food poisoning. The thing is, I ate the same dinner except he had a salad. He was REALLY sick. I'm ok at cooking, some days are better than others. But I'm normally GREAT at expiration dates. I don't normally eat anything after the expiration date. Oh well. I feel fine now.

I thought the illness might have been from radiation. I only have 6 sessions left! Whoo Hooo!!! I can't wait to be done. Although the girls there are really sweet. I get localized radiation to my right breast. It looks like I let the thing be exposed to the sun's rays for days without sunscreen. It's a deep red, almost brown and/or purple in some areas. And it itches. It's sensitive to the touch, especially under my arm pit. I've had a little fatigue, tiredness. But, I joined this running group and started running again a few weeks ago and I think that's helped with fatigue. Although now I'm to the point that I can't put on the tight sports bra b/c it's just too painful with the pressure.

The fundraising is going well. I'm almost to $2100. My goal is $3000. The team is doing well and has raised over $7000 all together. Go Team Hair Raisers!!!

Speaking of hair, I have some. It's not just peach fuzz anymore. I actually have a hair line with some really thick patches of hair all over. It seems to be coming back blonde and is really soft. I don't wear anything on my head anymore. Although I will wear a hat in the sun. Remember to wear sunscreen everyone to reduce your chances of skin cancer.

I am thankful for Daryl who has held me tight all those nights I have cried. Through all of this cancer stuff, he's stood by my side.

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Belinda said...

Glad to know the blonde moments still stand strong! Give that hubby of yours a HUGE hug from me for being so wonderful to you. I'm grateful he's in your life ;)