Monday, June 29, 2009

Didn't get Herceptin

I had my MUGA today and didn't get Herceptin. Looks like Herceptin has beat up my heart again and it down to functioning at 48%. So, I'll take a 3 week break and take another MUGA and see if it's functioning better.

I have only 3 days of radiation left. And I'm glad. My underarm is peeling and kinda gross from where it is burned. I haven't been too tired though so that's good. I think exercise has helped that. But I am at a halt on that because any moisture under my arm is painful and the pressure from my sports bra is too much. So, we'll see.

I officially declared my date of remission to be April 17th because that is the date they did my last surgery which came back cancer free. Cancer is not welcome back.

Until next time.....

I am thankful for having today.

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