Monday, March 30, 2009

Great News

I had a MUGA (heart test) today and my heart has gotten better. It's rebuilt itself to working at 56%, up from 48%. I am waiting a week on the Herceptin though for 2 reasons. 1 because I have surgery on Friday and the doc thinks it would be better to wait and 2 because then Tracy and I can go together every third Monday to get Herceptin. Dr. Langdon did a clinical exam and didn't find any hard tissue in my breast. That is such great news!!! He thinks it's a good possibility that the cancer is gone. But we'll see. I have surgery/lumpectomy on Friday and we will have the results next week. So, I'll keep you posted!

I am thankful for such caring friends!

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Anonymous said...

Glad the Herceptin is a go! I've been receiving it since September with no problems, but continually worry about all the 'what ifs'. Now I know that if the MUGA isn't great they'll allow me time to get stronger instead of just discontinuing the Herceptin.
Good luck with your surgery. Cyndi