Sunday, February 15, 2009

A positive event

Friday night, the NE Girls Gymnastics meet was a breast cancer awareness night, called The Power of Pink. I got to hand out flowers to the winners of the meet and be recognized by the crowd. They put our names on the big screen, announced them and then had us stand while everyone clapped. The crowd was full of pink shirts, pink pom pom's and the gymnasts had leotards with pink ribbons on them. It was really an awesome experience!!! I met 4 other survivors. When they asked my name and I said Tracy, they asked if I was Tracy Harnly. I just smiled and said no but I am friends with her and have been for over 20 years. Tracy Harnly is so well known in the breast cancer world...I should get her autograph one of these days! She's inspired so many people with her fighting. You could also call it courage.

I also had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Our first as a married couple. I got roses at work on Friday and then Saturday morning, when I woke up, I had one long stem rose with a diet coke and card waiting for me. I'm so lucky!!! Daryl and I went to eat in Omaha and then went to the casino. And for anyone who knows me, I don't like the casino's but had an urge. Of course, I lost my you know what and walked away with a reminder of why I don't go. Daryl did ok at Blackjack. I played slots and he calls them a one armed bandit. Oh well, we had a great day of fun. We also got to spend time with Laura and Brooklynn. Brooklynn gave us cute Valentine's with her picture on them!

I am thankful for days like these where it is filled with memories that will last forever!

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Tracy said...

LOL! Guess I could be known for worse things, right?!?!