Monday, January 12, 2009

The good thing about chemo is...

a great complexion! It really does great things for my skin. I don't know why, but it does. And of course the best thing about chemo is that it's saving my life. I'm feeling way better today. I got my blood counts back and they are actually good. Of course they are low, as expected, but they are higher than any other time when I've been in this place after chemo. My white blood cells are actually in a "normal" range as well as the neu cells. Yeah for the shot I got that caused the dreadful flu like symptoms. Give and take, give and take. As long as I'm fighting the cancer off, it's worth it. I also think that my hair is growing back. And if it is, then it's coming back gray! Can you believe it!!! But as long as it comes back, that's all I care about. As you might be able to tell, I'm a little up beat today. I worked almost all day (I overslept this morning) and work is good for me. It provides not only normalcy for me but also keeps my mind on more positive thoughts. Plus the ladies I work with are pleasant to be around. I enjoy conversation with them and hearing their stories. Well, I'm off to watch the Bachelor. I'm voting for Stephanie, in case you're watching it.

I'm thankful for the shot that I got so that my blood cells are dipping into the dangerous levels. It's nice not having to worry, even if for one day, that I might get sick or an infection that I can't fight off.

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