Sunday, January 18, 2009

Doing ok

This past week I've been doing ok. I'm trying to make things as "normal" as possible, whatever that is these days. I did have a mild soar throat the other day and went on antibiotics. Other than that, not much is too new. I've been getting cards in the mail, which I love. I've also been getting emails periodically, which I love too. Daryl and I bought a new stove that my dad came and put in on Saturday. It took some carpentry work on his part b/c we had a 27 in before and the standard is 30 in. It looks great. It is nice having family that is so handy! It's nice having an extra day off this weekend since next weekend I'll be preparing for the week ahead. Chemo seems to come so much faster these days. Of course I'm sick for almost a week at a time. Good news--my hair is growing back Bad news--it's growing back gray! Oh well. Most of you know that my sister is a hair dresser and does great work. She's back to work now. Brooklynn is almost 2 months old already. She still has blue eyes. We kinda look alike, you know with the blue eyes and bald head :)

I'll have more to report after chemo next week. At least I think I will. I have a feeling we'll start planning my surgery and such. I also have a doc appt with the surgeon on the 30th.

I am thankful for so many husband, my family, the nice weather (it's cold w/o hair), my work...another day of living.

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Belinda said...

Glad you're feeling okay! Been thinking about you! Give yourself a hug from me! Better yet, get someone else to give you a hug. Less arm strain that way.