Monday, January 5, 2009

Good news!

I know I am breaking the rule of no cancer talk after 8pm but I have some good news I want to share. My doctor did an examination today and said my breast feels normal! He didn't feel anything but soft tissue. This was such great news, especially since I started bawling when he walked in and asked how I was doing. Long story short, I am in menopause so my hormones are a little wacked and he said it hits women my age harder because my body wasn't at all prepared. I cry easily and my nerves get a little jumpy. My cells didn't go as high as they'd like, actually my red blood cells didn't go up at all since last week. So, in a nutshell of todays chemo, I have about 6 new meds to take for the week--one, two, or three to make me not naseus, one to control the hormones, one to stop indigestion, and so on. I also got a shot in the arm that will help my bones make more cells. It is a slow releasing med and the nurse I had today (who is awesome, as they all are) told me that my bones will hurt from it, so just be prepared. But I'll do whatever just to keep that soft tissue in my breast. The nurse I had today, my friend Tracy also has and both speak very highly of each other! So, I'm off to bed. Last night I slept with flannel pj's on, that was dumb considering I have night sweats. I couldn't even sleep with my hat on like I'm supposed to.

I will have another chemo session in 3 weeks. Then shortly after, there will planning of my surgery. There will probably be a MRI before then too.

Please say a prayer for my friend Tracy. She has such a big heart. She recently had two surgerys and is going through alot. She's also my inspiration.

I am thankful for the nurses at the cancer center. They are all so sweet and helpful. When I got there today, they quickly brought over a bag of hats that were donated and they said they thought of me first said they saved it for me to have the first pick.

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Tracy said...

Hey girl! Thanks for the prayers. My stuff went well, but now I too have been thrown into menopause. As a matter of fact, I just got done crying....over what? Nothing, I suppose. I feel your pain! At least with regards to that! Glad to hear your breast is feeling normal! What amazingly good news! You are so strong! And, the nurses all love you too! I wish we were going to chemo on the same days! We could cry and sweat together! Gross! LOL!