Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm so crabby

I've been kinda a crabby butt the last couple of days. I'm irritable and snap at the drop of the hat. My poor cat bonked his head on the desk when he was trying to jump on my lap and I yelled at him. For all I know, he got a concussion. I'm kinda in a rut. My hair is almost all gone. I refuse to shave it right now. To some, shaving it means having control. To me, that means giving in. So, to each their own. I will continue to clean up hair that is all over the bathroom. This morning, Alex, my other cat, was shaking off my hair. Who ever heard of a human shedding on their cat? I've had a headache from the hair falling out. I want to feel pretty. I feel like a freak. I feel like now that my hair is falling out, people are staring and now I "look" like I have cancer. You know when I had hair, people would say, you can't even tell there's anything wrong. I wonder if they ever heard the phrase, "you can't judge a book by it's cover." People all around the world are dealing with life. You can't judge people--good or bad. Ok, I'm over it.

I at least enjoyed a night in the hot tub with Daryl. It was a little windy but the water felt good. If you can imagine, I had on this pantyhose thing on my head so that my hair wouldn't fall in, and I had on a Packers Stocking Cap so that my head stayed warm. Kinda funny.

I am thankful for the box of foot warmers Belinda sent me. They are great! I am also thankful for Daryl's patience :)

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