Sunday, November 30, 2008

The side effects

I have been and am experiencing some more side effects of the chemo. Besides the indigestion, my toungue has been numbish/tingly for two days and today my fingertips are starting to numb. I am very cold. I feel like my insides are cold. I have on slipper socks and UGG slippers and my feet are still a little cold. I am also experiencing acne. I suppose that is the medicine trying to come out my pores. It sucks. It's hard to stay positive and "perky" (as I've been called) when you have gross pimples all over your face and body! But I suppose it will end some day.

The thing about cancer is that it is sneaky. Just when I start thinking about something else or start doing something, there is a sneak attack. Such as today, I was talking with my sister and washed my hands and as I dried them on the towel, I realized my tips of my fingers were going numb. BAM! You have cancer. It hits home again. I am not defeated, nor do I think that, it's just that I want a day of no cancer. The sad part is is that we are just starting the battle. I suppose I better toughen up, get used to it, and deal with it otherwise the road ahead will be longer than it needs to be. Take each day as it comes, take one day at a time. I will tell myself this.

I think the chemo is actually killing brain cells too. I, Tracy Poppe, went to the mall on black Friday! I couldn't believe it. Here is the crazier thing...I saved over $600!!! Younkers was horrible and I had a lady butt in front of me at the check out. I ofcourse pushed her out of the way, knocked her items on the floor, and smiled at the cashier. No, I'm just kidding, I didn't do that. But the old lady behind me made sure she exercised her passive aggressive skills and loudly commented on the siutation.

Thanks to Daryl for always looking out for my best interest and for taking such good care of me. Thanks to our mothers for making us food so that we can freeze some meals. Thanks to "Little Miss Cancer Pants" for the nutrition book!

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