Saturday, November 29, 2008

The true meaning...

I think this year was a year to really count blessings and the true meaning of Thanksgiving. I was surrounded with family that cares so much. I could cry while I write this, that's how emotional it makes me. But, also, I received comments on my blog from people I know, people I don't know, and people I haven't seen or talked with in years!!! Brooklynn (my niece) was ofcourse my favorite part of the holiday. And we were lucky to have two babies. My cousin has a baby and she is about a month older than Brooklynn. My grandma who is 89 going on 69 was stubborn and full of whit as usual. There weren't any rolls with dinner, which was odd. But, my aunts who were helping with dinner weren't able to find them. Know why? Because they were in a grocery sack, in the bedroom, on the other side of the dresser. That just makes me laugh because that's my grandma. Things are always in odd places. But as long as it makes sense to her, that's all that matters. I make it a point to value her meals because she is such a good cook and I know we won't have them forever.

As far as the cancer...well, it made me wanna cry when I gave my thanks. Not because I am not thankful, not that anyone wants cancer, but because I am thankful that the cancer hasn't spread and there is medicine. Although thankful for the medicine, it is making me have indigestion like no other and I have lost sleep because of it. I called the on call doctor the other night at 3am because I thought maybe I was just having a heart attack. He was so kind. I apologized 100 times for waking him and he didn't really seem to mind. I thought I had tried EVERYTHING but he suggested Pepto. Wow, why didn't I think of that. I now love Pepto. Other than that, I have been lucky this week with the cancer as it hasn't been too much of a burdan.

My hubby and I are off to his family's farm today. That will be a great time. They live North of Fremont. They have a collie which reminds me of being a kid (as some of you might remember our collies). And it is just nice to be out in the county with peace and quiet.

Thanks to my kitty's Alex and Dexter for keeping me warm at night while I laid on the couch to try and sleep. Thanks to relationships that built foundations at a young age in my life and are still strong.

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