Monday, March 15, 2010

5 year survivor

First and foremost, give out a shout to my friend Tracy who is officially a 5 year survivor of breast cancer! She beat some incredible odds with determination, compassion and a fist full of "In your face cancer!" Way to go Tracy!

Cancer sucks! It is time to Celebrate, Remember and Fight Back with Relay for Life! The money raised at Relay has helped both Tracy and I. We are both going to have a birthday this year because of all of you making donations, walking all night, and relaying every day of your life, fighting for a cure. We're not wearing kid gloves when it comes to fighting cancer. Tracy's Relay team raised over $100,000 the past 5 years. My team raised over $11,000 it's first year! Thank you for all of your continued support and I look forward to another successful year of fighting cancer.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and ways you can help. Want to join my team, raise money and get the best feeling of helping you can get or make a donation...go to

I am thankful to have Tracy as a part of my life. She gives me hope!

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