Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Who Knew?

Who knew that too little Potassium and Sodium could cost ya a night in the hospital? Well, that's where I spent last night. I had some chest pains and lack of oxygen along with disorientation and after talking with my Oncologist, we heading to St. E's ER. I was taken in right away and then waited forever for everything (you know how ER's are). They admitted me and had me stay overnight for monitoring. But the good news is...my heart is fine. No blood clot concerns, no water around the heart. I guess Potassium deficiency can cause chest pains. So I left agreeing to eat 2 bananas a day. The diuretic I can depletes my Potassium so I need more than the average Joe. I had some really nice nurses and doctor's. Unfortunately I need to get some sleep because a person doesn't seem to get much at the hospital. The doctor was came in bright and early at 6:30am. I didn't even get to my room until 1am. Geez! Oh well.

I have only around 8 Herceptin treatment's left but I'm done with Chemo and Radiation. I feel like I've been having a bad nightmare for the past 9 months and now I'm awake and want to live life like I did before. Before diagnosis, before poison was injected into my body, before the weight gain of 30 pounds, before, before, before... But what I am learning quickly is that I don't have the same body and I'm not necessarily going to feel the same running a mile now as I did in the past. The biggest thing is that it is just scary now. I'm scared of my heart functioning. I'm scared of what I eat, drink, and worst of all, reocurrance. And I'm still in menopause! URGH! Treatment shouldn't hurt worse than cancer.

Speaking of treatment and changes, Relay for Life was AWESOME!!! Our team raised over $10,500.00 We spent the whole night walking and really had a great time. It was an amazing event and I would encourage everyone to mark their calendars and plan on attending next year's event. We got rained on but cancer doesn't stop for anything so neither did we. It was such a wonderful event and I was sad to see it end.

I am thankful for sunny mornings.


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