Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Test results

I got my test results yesterday.....Cancer free!!! I just don't think it has sunk in yet. I think I started feeling better when I knew chemo was done. But, none the less, I am sooo thankful! I keep adding ! after everything too :)

Tomorrow, the doctor's will meet as a team to talk about my case. There is a chance that they might want a little more tissue taken out just to make sure the cancer is all gone, but before the surgery, my doctor told us that this is a possibility and rarely happens. When I was getting the results, it was the first time that Kathryn, nurse practitioner had even seen them. So, I will find out for sure tomorrow.

I will recover now for about 3 weeks and then start radiation. It will be everyday for 5-6 weeks. I'm hoping it burns calories, unlike chemo :)

Please take a moment and read my friend Tracy's blog My cancer and me (see below to the right)and read her March 25th blog. It's very meaningful. She and I started doing treatment together. We were both in there on Monday, hooked up to IV's, chit chatting. It was neat because when we left, nurse Darcy said "Bye Tracy's." We haven't heard that in years. In Jr. and Sr. High we were either the Tracy's or Blondie I and Blondie II. Now we're Sr. and Jr. Miss Cancer Pants Tracy's. So, EAT THAT cancer!!!

Thank you all for all your prayers! I am so thankful for hope.

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