Friday, March 13, 2009

Almost made it

I've almost made it through my last week of chemo! I'm feeling a little weak, but have no doubt tomorrow will be a brand new day! My hips are sore from laying around so much that I took 3 Motrin and decided to organize the computer room...well, at least all the papers laying around. Pretty soon, I'll let the cats go outside and roam around for awhile. It is smart to enjoy the nice day. I've been waiting for this last week for around 4 months now. I am optimistic that the cancer is gone and my focus will be on surgery and then radiation. Weight loss will also be in the near future. I spent some time working on Relay for Life today which easily gives me hope and excitement for the future. No more low blood counts will allow me to be around my niece and sister more. Things are looking up. Monday was a tough day with the heart results, but that is just a minor set back. I feel like I am going to start rhyming so I'll quit with all the one liners. I think you get the hint that I'm having a good day!

I am thankful for so many things, it's hard to narrow them down today. If I have to pick one, it will be optimism!

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