Saturday, February 7, 2009

Relay for Life

I have formed a team by the name of "Hair Raisers" for the Relay for Life. I chose to start a team and raise money for many reasons, including the possibility of saving the life of my own child in the future. I might carry the breast cancer gene, you might too. This could be passed on to our children. When I have a child, I don't want him/her to have to go through chemo or fear the worst everyday. So many people hear those awful have cancer, and like me, immediately wonder if he/she is going to die. When I heard those words, that is what I thought. My life changed. It changed from taking for granted each day to living to live.

The Relay for Life is July 24th at the Haymarket Park. I have gone the past few years to support my friend Tracy and a former co-worker who lost her daughter (age 13) to cancer. It is truly an amazing event. I encourage you to come out and see what it is all about. I think you will leave with a different appreciation for life and look at your husband, kids, and family with more compassion than you thought possible. Please share my story, my webpage with everyone you know so that we can raise enough money to make a difference! Just copy and paste this link:

I am thankful to be a breast cancer survivor for over 3 months, fighting all the way.

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