Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow...

Ok, I know, lame title. But the reality is, I am losing my hair. Friday was the first day I noticed. The hair came out easily. And how did I find this out....well folks, I have gray hair and I pulled one out and it came out like I was pulling it off my shirt. I thought that this isn't all that bad. Especially since my sister is on maternity leave and I don't know who I'd get to color it. But tonight, I sit here with a towel around my wet hair, afraid to take it off. I just spent about 30 minutes (if not more) standing in a hot shower due to a headache. When I got out, I rung out the water in my hair and there it was in my hands, a clump of hair. Not just gray, the colored stuff too. And then I looked down by the drain, and another large amount. The thing is is that I have so much hair, I am probably the only one that's going to notice right now. But, that doesn't make me feel any better. Have I mentioned lately that I hate cancer. I think I am in the anger stage of grief.

The doctor said that I might lose my hair, but probably it would just thin. What I told him is that I have enough hair for thinning to occur and maybe I'd have a normal head of hair. He thought it was funny and I did too at the time. Now, it just sucks.

I am thankful for the good, smelly body wash so that I don't smell the medicine in me. I am also thankful that today I didn't lose my breath when I ran up and down the stairs doing laundry.

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Belinda said...

Actually, I love the title. If you don't have your humor, what do you have? I know that your hair has been something that has almost helped define you (you always have had the best hair of us all--biatch), but I have to be grateful that there is chemo. It may take some of your hair, but it's also killing those nasty cancer cells! I love you no matter if you're a little lighter in the head!