Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tomorrow is only a day away

I think one of the hardest things for a cancer patient, atleast from my point of view, is the waiting. It's always hurry up and wait. Well, tomorrow will reveal another fait. I will then know the projected length of time for chemo. Ofcourse, I will then have to wait to see how the chemo effects me. Either way, it will be a great Thanksgiving. My good freind Tracy brought over some wigs for me to borrow if the need arrives. She also gave me a, lets call it "unique", hat that might show up some day when she least expects it. I bought a Packers stocking cap that I really love and I think will still look good when/if I loose my hair. With all the hair I have, I haven't had to worry about wearing ear muffs.

My port feels better today. My armpit hurts a little. It looks terrible. Kinda like someome punched me really hard. It's so bruised. Atleast it's in the armpit, no one really looks there!

Well, I am breaking my rule of talking about cancer after 8pm. Thanks to Krista for the great book and prayer magnet and thanks to mom and Daphne for cleaning the house. Thanks to Brooklynn for being so darn lovable!!!


smarks said...

Hi, Tracy...
I'm Amy Marks mother-in-law.
Went through the same thing 11 years ago! I know how you feel. The fears of not knowing, etc. The mental part is the worst.
Don't worry about your hair. I had my daughter shave my head when it started to go...didn't want it coming out in gobs on my pillow or the shower. Anyway, no more 'bad hair days' :). Also no need to shave one's legs! Some blessings in disguise. Let me know if you'd like to visit with someone who's been there...11 years, and they've got better stuff now to treat it. Mine had even spread to the lymph nodes.. Good luck and I'll keep you in my prayers.

Belinda said...

Wanted to fill you in on something I read in Good Housekeeping! I got it this weekend and thought this was really good. There's a new study says this "When chemo patients drank super-shakes containing 32 grams of protein, they had less frequent and less severe nausea than patients who ate normally or added a lower protein (17 grams) drink to their day's fair. They also needed fewer anti-vomiting drugs. You can make your own shake with protein powder or simply eat lean, protein-rich food like skinless chicken breasts". Hopefully, you won't be sick, but thought you would like to hear about this anyway. Good luck tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you!