Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hawaii was wonderful!!!! A much needed and deserved vacation! Daryl and I did and saw almost everything, including seeing Whales, getting some warm sun, and eating the best tasting pineapple ever! We didn't enjoy coming back to the cold weather though. Wow, was it ever cold!

Just a little update on my cancer....I have a mammogram scheduled for Monday. I have only 1 herceptin left!!! That's very exciting. I meet with Doc Langdon on Feb 22nd, discuss the results of my mammogram and then go from there. I'm a little nervous about the mammogram but I will stay optimistic and hopeful, what else can I do?

I am thankful for having had a wonderful honeymoon in Kauai!

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Luiza said...

Oh, glad you enjoy your trip. I know well how it is to come back to the cold after some time in the warm weather...not fun! oh well...hopefully some day you and daryl can come to brazil with me and pat. And bring dan and laura too. Definetely doing it during the winter in the US :)