Monday, July 13, 2009


I am done with radiation! I was done on July 2nd. I celebrated by having a great 4th of July weekend! I'm actually healing well from radiation. The area just looks like a light tan.

I didn't get Herceptin last time. I have heart damage again so I'm struggling a little with that. Just because I was finally working out regularly and now I can't do as much. My heart just beats too darn fast. But I'm still doing a little bit. I will get another heart test on Monday...

The chemo brain is really bad! I forget so many things and get off track. It's frustrating to an organized person like me! Oh well, time will make it better. Right?

My hair is growing quickly. In less than a month, it has grown about 1/2 inch! Whoo Hoo!!! So far it's blondish and thick as ever!

I am breaking my rule of no cancer talk after 8 but wanted to give everyone a quick update. I will add more later. I have just been busy with the holiday and Relay for Life! Please don't forget to make a donation. Thanks!

I am thankful for Brooklynn putting me in my place when I needed it. I was whining and complaining about cancer and she screamed at me (7 months old and she's found her volume) then smiled. How dare I forget that it's her world we are all living in :) Too cute!

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