Monday, December 22, 2008

White blood cells low/no trip to Hawaii

Today I had my blood drawn, as I do each Monday. And I didn't stick around for the results b/c I have learned quickly that I feel good until I get the results then I learn that the chemo (is doing it's job) is beating up my blood. Then I feel like crap. It is very discouraging. But today, I got a call from Nurse Molly telling me they got the results and my white blood cell count was too low and I have to go on an antibiotic. I had to do this last time too b/c I had an infected hair. This time I just have a soar throat. See, if I eat something too hard, it cuts up my throat and yesterday I ate Texas Toast and it shredded my throat. This did prevent me from drinking a glass of wine b/c that burned too much. If I would have thought about it, I would have skipped the toast and just drank the wine! Yes, I can drink wine, just not the whole bottle :) Actually, I might have a glass tonight.

I went to the mall Saturday and much to my disappointment, I had to take 2 breaks walking from one end to the other. I was still kinda nauseous and I got out of breath one time. But I did get my shopping done!!!

I had a great Christmas yesterday with my mom and family. Brooklynn was so cute. She loves her uncle Daryl. She listened to him read Dr. Suess and she just smiled and smiled. It was the cutest thing all day! Ofcourse she loves me too b/c I was holding her. She's already a month old. She weighs over 9lbs and is just a little cuddle bug. Daryl and I exchanged gifts Saturday night. He gave me a beautiful diamond ring for my right hand. I has 3 small diamonds in the middle and 5 little diamonds on either side of the band. Whatta guy!!! Especially since we were supposed to leave today for our honeymoon to Kaui, Hawaii. :(

I am so thankful for having a wonderful family to spend the holidays with. I am truly blessed.

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Belinda said...

Sorry your blood is getting it's butt beat up, but I guess that the chemo must be working, hunh? Have a very Merry Christmas and give everyone a hug (including yourself! You might want to recruit Daryl for that).